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Oaklands Lunch Club

The lunch club at Oaklands is for children who either stay all day or just want to have a slightly longer session, For example children could do morning and lunch club so rather than coming to nursery form 9.00am to 12.00pm they stay until 1.00pm or lunch and afternoon would be an 11.30am start rather than 12.30pm.

Children who come to lunch club bring a packed lunch in a named bag. This is kept in a fridge until lunch time. We encourage healthy eating – see Healthy Lunch Box Ideas., and staff are happy to work with you to encourage ‘picky’ eaters to try new things.

We employ staff who come in at lunch time and set up the community room for the children to come into for lunch. They also set out a range of activities so when children finish eating they can play.

At lunch club the children learn about sitting at the table to eat, table manners, hand washing and tidying away afterwards.

If your child doesn’t eat their lunch the classroom staff will be made aware so they can offer them food if they are hungry later. We will leave any uneaten food in their lunchbox so you are aware of what and how much they have eaten at lunchtime.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Mountain View

Try to eat a balanced lunch made up of foods from all the groups.  Eat more from the bigger sections and less from the smaller ones.

Use wholemeal varieties of pasta and bread where possible to help keep your digestive system healthy.  And try to eat reduced fat versions of mayonnaise, cheese, snacks and cereal bars.

Healthy Lunch Box Alternative
  • Mixed nuts and raisins – be careful of nut allergies

  • Scones, currant buns or teacakes

  • Muesli type cereal bars

  • Fruit load / malt loaf

  • Plain popcorn

  • Low fat muffins

  • Flavoured rice cakes

  • Carrot, pepper, celery or cucumber sticks with dips such as salsa or hummus

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Low fat savoury snacks / pretzels

  • Breadsticks

  • Plain biscuite – digestives or rich tea

  • Low fat yogurt

  • Cheese sticks

Sandwich fillings

  • Cooked lean meat such as chicken, beef, turkey or ham with tomato, lettuce and low fat mayonnaise or Dijon mustard

  • Tuna mixed with reduced fat mayonnaise and cucumber

  • Hard boiled egg, mushed up and mixed with low fat mayonnaise and cress

  • Hummus (chick pea spread) and grated carrot

  • Cheese – go easy on the hard varieties – and sliced tomato.  Opt for cottage cheese for a lower fat alternative

Pasta or potato salads

A great substitute for sarnies, pasta or potato salads can be as creative and tasty as you like.  Add your favourite veg for an energy boosting lunch that will help you stay fuller for longer.  Your friends will be so impressed!  See our suggestions below:

  • Handful of dried wholewheat pasta shapes

  • 2 tablespoons of tinned, drained sweetcorn

  • 5-7 cherry tomatoes – halved

  • 1 tablespoon reduced fat mayonnaise or salad cream

  • ½ tin of tinned tuna

  1. Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions, drain and leave to cool.

  2. Mix the sweetcorn, tomatoes, tuna and mayonnaise / salad cream with the pasta.

  3. Store in a sealed plastic container in your lunch bag / box.

Vary your salad by:

  1. Using cooked, cooled new potatoes in place of pasta

  2. Replacing tuna with avocado

  3. Adding a few chunks of your favourite cheese in place / as well as tuna

  4. Trying tinned salmon, mackerel or sardines instead of tuna

  5. Replacing sweetcorn and tomatoes with olives, hard boiled eggs and cooked green beans to create a nicoise salad

  6. Substituting tuna with cooked chicken or ham

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