Oaklands Nursery School
“Play, Learn and Achieve Together”

All of the Oaklands provision has been inspected and judged oustanding. Please see below for further details and click on the relevant links to view the reports:

Maintained Nursery – Ofsted report 28/3/17 (Outstanding) – please click on the link: Nursery Ofsted
Oaklands Childcare – Ofsted report 4/10/17 (Outstanding) – please click on the link: Childcare Ofsted
Playgroup (2 year olds) – Ofsted report 7/3/17 (Outstanding) – please click on the link: Playgroup Ofsted

You can also visit the Ofsted website to view the reports. Please see the links below:

Maintained Nursery: Ofsted report 28/3/17
Oaklands Childcare: Ofsted report 4/10/17
Playgroup (2 year olds): Ofsted report 7/3/17

(Please note that the Playgroup/2 year old report dated 7/3/17 relates to when this childcare provison was held at Ellison Primary Community Room in Wolstanton – the 2 year old provision has since been moved to Oaklands Childcare, Oaklands Avenue, Porthill).

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