Oaklands Nursery School
“Play, Learn and Achieve Together”


The nursery has 5 key worker groups so the children have a special place and a special person in nursery. They do of course have involvement with all the staff. Key worker groups usually have up to 10 children, often less. The key worker is responsible for your child’s Learning Journey Profile which details the progress they are making in nursery.

Children are always taught in small groups of up to 6 children depending on what they activity is. All the children will spend some time in ‘adult led’ sessions and some time choosing independently; there are always plenty of staff available to support their learning.

Children’s learning is through real, meaningful, active and fun activities designed to inspire the children to learn. Activities are planned based on your child’s interests and next steps for learning. Many of the topics and projects come directly out of the children’s ideas and the direction they take their learning.

We employ staff to run Intervention groups to support children with speech and language, to develop their confidence, to support maths development and also for those children who are high achievers and need additional challenge with their maths and phonics.

We have open days each term when parents can come to nursery and spend time with the children finding out about what they do in nursery and how they learn.

We are eager to have good links and communication between home and nursery so have many ways of achieving this:
  • Parents are welcome to stay at the beginning of the session each day and take part in activities with their child.

  • Staff are available at the beginning and end of every session if you need to talk to them.

  • Learning Journey Profile books are always available; in addition we will have a week each term when you are invited to come in and spend time sharing the profile with your child.

  • We put photos of some of the activities that the children take part in on our website www.oaklands.staffs.sch.uk

  • The screen in the hall has information and photos.

  • The parents notice board has the planning for each week on it along with letters and other relevant information.

  • We have open days each term when parents are invited into the nursery to see how the children learn.

  • We send home a ‘Next Steps’ sheet at the end of each term which highlights achievements and the next steps for learning

  • An end of year report on progress and attainment in July

  • Parent consultations in October and June.

  • We also send home ‘next steps’ sheets every term which tell you about your child’s achievements and their next targets.

  • Maths challenge activities to take home

  • ‘Take home’ toys that go home at weekends (children take it in turns)with a diary for you to fill in

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