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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Oaklands Nursery, as associate members of the Societas Trust, is currently involved in a project called Philosophy for Children, otherwise known as P4C.

The project has been adopted by the Societas Trust, as evidenced based research has proven P4C can significantly and positively impact on children’s language and reasoning skills, as well as their personal, social and emotional development.

All staff have been trained to help Oaklands develop a Community of Enquiry within the setting. Key Workers facilitate weekly sessions during group carpet time.

Initial explanation

Philosophical enquiry can be explained as a way of thinking together and sharing thoughts and questions about ‘Big Ideas’. Using props and stories, an enquiry based around a key question, enables children to find out what others think and gives children the opportunity to share their own ideas. The children are supported in understanding that they have their own thoughts and so they can agree or disagree with their friends. Everyone must try and give a reason for what they think, so the word ‘because’ is very important. When listening carefully to each other their friends may say something that makes them change their minds.

There are four aspects of P4C:
Caring Thinking- listening and valuing
Collaborative Thinking- responding and supporting
Critical Thinking- questioning and reasoning
Creative Thinking- connecting and suggesting

Please see the attached sheet that sets out the key skills that the 4’Cs help to develop.

Please get involved

We would love you to get involved and are now starting to send home a question of the week for you to discuss with your child. The question will take on a ‘Would you rather…?’ format. The question will also be displayed in the registration area/key worker groups for you and your child to refer to throughout the week. The self-registration boards will be set up, so that your child can vote, in response to the question, by placing their picture on their preferred choice. They can change their mind at any time throughout the week but encourage them to tell you why.

Please spend a little time reading the P4C display board in the main entrance to help you further understand what P4C is and how we are using it in the setting. Each group have their own floor book to record enquiries and you are welcome to see these at any time.

Many Thanks,
Nadine Key, [ Lead Teacher]

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