Oaklands Nursery School
“Play, Learn and Achieve Together”

Routine of the day

There is a structure to the day which enables the children to be independent learners and make choices about what they do.

At the start of the session children come into nursery to free choice of all activities for the first 15 minutes; parents/carers are welcome to stay and join in.

A tambourine signals time to go to their key worker for registration time. This is used as a teaching time with opportunities for counting, phonics, conversation about their news and what they are planning to do that day.

There is then a time for children to either take part in an adult focused activity, which has been planned based on their learning needs, or choose independently anywhere inside or outside to play. There are adults available in all areas to support and extend their learning through their play.

In the middle of the session children come to their keyworker groups. When they first start nursery this is for snack time. Once they have got used to the routines snack time becomes self-service so children can help themselves to snack when they are ready for it and can go with their friends.

The middle of the session then becomes a focused teaching time covering different areas of learning each day. As time goes on the children are ability grouped to ensure what they are learning meets their specific needs.

The children have another session of child choice activities supported by the staff then story time in their key worker groups at the end of the session.

Children who stay for lunch go into the community room where there are staff who have prepared the room with their sandwich boxes.

Children who stay all day in nursery come back into nursery after the afternoon group have had their registration time so they are not repeating.

The afternoon follows the same pattern as the morning. Children who stay all day never repeat activities as the children all access adult focused activities at different times and there is such a large range of child choice they have a great deal to choose from.

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